Impact Statement

The very nature of what we do at Atrevida Science drives sustainability. By boldly designing smarter turbine blade technology, we unleash greater renewable energy production, improve operational characteristics, and reduce the impact of environmental infrastructure and logistics.

How do we do this?

  • We unleash greater renewable energy production with a more efficient, controllable blade.   




  • Support of sustainable development is manifested through a more efficient, more recyclable blade solution.
  • The positive impact on infrastructure and logistics is delivered through a controllable active blade section that supports the need for longer blades, while making transport easier and reducing material use.
  • Using our blades, wind turbine owners will deal with less overall maintenance issues that reduce their farm’s downtime and maintenance expenses.
  • Compared to current industry practices, we are more sustainable, we deliver a more streamlined flow for factory to farm operations, and empower customers with more efficient energy production.

We believe that our employees, suppliers, and communities deserve a renewable energy solution that respects our use of resources, protects the environment, and provides economic prosperity.